Keilah Davis | Managing Editor


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dr. Alexandria Graves

Interim Director of CALS Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Office: 104 Patterson Hall


College of Design

Tameka Whitaker

Assistant Dean of Student and Academic Services

Office: 222 Brooks Hall


College of Education

Dr. Regina Gavin Williams

Director for Student Engagement and Diversity Coordinator

Office: 504 Poe Hall


College of Engineering

Angelitha L. Daniel

Director of Minority Engineering Programs

Office: 237 Page Hall

Dr. Laura J. Bottomley

Director of Women in Engineering Programs

Office: 243 Page Hall


College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Juliana Nfah-Abbenyi

Assistant Dean for Diversity

Office: 212 Tompkins Hall

Joe Johnson

Student Diversity Coordinator

Office: 106Q Caldwell Hall


Poole College of Management

Tayah Butler

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Office: Nelson Hall


College of Natural Resources

Thomas Easley

Director of Community Diversity

Office: 2022C Biltmore Hall (Robertson Wing)


College of Sciences

Dr. Jamila Simpson

Assistant Dean for Academic Programs, Student Diversity and Engagement

Office: 2328 Broughton Hall (temporarily); 3211 Broughton Hall (permanent)


College of Textiles

Delisha Smith Hinton

Associate Director of Student Services

Office: 2345 College of Textiles