Yeremiyah Cruz | Correspondent

What is a dark lie? The nuances that penetrate global and American culture contaminate how members of society perceive everyday life. The most detrimental facet of this phenomenon is that most people are unaware of the influence that affects their perspective.

Yes, this is a controversial topic; however, it is necessary that citizens of America begin to confront the issues that halt the progress of our society. White privilege is a product of the United States ugly history, and it continues to inconspicuously permeate American culture.

This article aims to identify the factors that cause people to either associate or dissociate themselves from Black culture. Ideas that are prevalent in mainstream media, etymology, folklore, and pop culture present arguments that undermine what it truly means to be Black; these factors are explored on NC State University’s campus.

Talking white, dressing white, white lies, light jokes, white light, white paper, white dress. Acting black, dark jokes, black magic, black sheep, black cat, black eye, blackface, black dress, black hoodie. It is obvious that phrases using the adjective black or dark are associated with negative things while the opposite is true for phrases that use the term white or light. Such subliminal messages are in part responsible for the construct of ideals that cause stereotypic categorization of individuals at a young age.

Various authors, including CBS and 60 Minutes, have done research that shows how youth are influenced to think that being black is associated with either a disadvantage or a negative character trait. These same psychological constructs subliminally affect the moral foundation of youth in America that cause their perception of reality to be distorted.

The biggest white lie of all is that racial inequality is a thing of the past, and that acts such as a group of Oklahoma University students chanting racial prejudices are a reciprocal backfire of the late famous authority figure shootings. The video simply epitomizes the influence that our history still has on life in America. Minorities have been targeted by civilians and police officers alike and have yet to be indicted. A federal investigation, released in early March, revealed that Black people in Ferguson, Missouri were indeed targeted by an entire police force in order to improve job ratings and reap salary increases through unwarranted ticketing and arrests. It is easy to go to Plessy vs. Ferguson on Twitter or quote Martin Luther King; but the fact is, the mid to late 20th century was more progressive than our current era. Something must be done about the grotesque discrepancy in real equality. There is no better a place than a university campus for real change to be initiated.

As the members of an empowered body, students and faculty must take it upon themselves to show that bigotry is an extreme form of injustice and will not be tolerated by any member of society.

Black students are not the only ones obligated to take on the task of moving into action, mainly because an effective solution to the Nation’s racial divide can only be realized through the interaction of members from different backgrounds.

This common goal can be achieved by educating people on the Human Genome project that scientifically proves skin color is a negligible factor regarding any particular human being’s ability and is only a miniscule fraction of the beautiful and extensive genetic scaffolds that are tarnished with the culture of greed and hate.

In other words, skin color is such an enormous yet superfluous focal point, pertinent issues that were meant to be addressed become overshadowed by the concentration of one’s pigmentation. For example, Barack Obama’s campaign was shaded by questions regarding the President’s citizenship and loyalty towards the Nation.

No other presidential candidate has ever faced such challenges, and Barry’s just as white as he is black! Americans need to learn the importance of multicultural tolerance and educate themselves about each other’s backgrounds. A platform that invokes peace and understanding via cross-cultural interaction is the only solution to society’s issue of racial inequality.

With various racial incidents occurring across the nation, the general consensus around the Black community is that the incidents themselves are not shocking; but rather the way that Americans are responding to such grave and historic matters, is. Khari Cyrus, an African American student, was recently elected as Student Body President.

Unfortunately, the North Carolina State University campus continues to suffer from the ignorance of racial inequality. As stated in an earlier Nubian Message issue, the Student Body President elect was faced with death threats and other racial remarks on social media. His only fault for being targeted was running for SPB as a Black person.

This is a blatant form of white privilege that only shows face when an African American member of society threatens the imbalance of racial inequality. The fact is, the greater majority of white members of society are not faced with the same challenges that Black people are faced with.

Affirmative action does not negate the advantage that has been gained through the deliberate crippling of minority Americans since 1492.

No matter what your ethnicity, this should be enough to make your blood boil. The direction of our society’s progress is in your hands. What will you contribute to?