Coronavirus has shaken our nation and stopped a lot of our lives. Just because Coronavirus has stopped our lives doesn’t mean it should stop our fun. Here’s a list of things that you can do during your time in quarantine:


1. Do a cleanse

This is a time to get rid of every unnecessary thing in your life. Whether it’s throwing away your old soccer cleats, your clothes that no longer fit or junk that’s been lying around your room. Baby, it’s got to go! Get rid of it! More times than not people hang on to unnecessary things in life out of fear of letting go. I hate to tell you but it’s #Coronatime you ain’t got time to be afraid of throwing away your junk when there’s a whole virus invading the world. 


2. Increase you social presences

I am not telling you to go hang out with your friends at the local Starbucks and sip on a venti caramel macchiato. With the way they’re moving there aren’t gonna be any chairs in Starbucks to do that anyways.  I’m saying post on instagram, text your momma, or facetime your best friends. In today’s day and age people are too focused on their job, work or school. Use quarantine as a time to catch up with the people you’ve been neglecting socially, but do it over the phone. It’s not the time to be taking risks.  


3. Fall into a rabbit hole of Youtube videos

Youtube has this amazing ability to make you keep watching the most absurd things. Next thing you know you’ve been watching weird zit popping videos for three hours. Embrace it! Go down that rabbit hole who knows what you’ll discover. You’ll probably discover a whole side of Youtube you didn’t know you liked.


4. Cook a home cooked meal

I know I’m not the only one who hates eating the same food on campus everyday. Use this as a time to eat food you actually want to eat. There are so many recipes online that don’t require too much effort and can be made with everyday household food items. Unless you plan to live on takeout for the next couple of weeks, I suggest you get up and work on your cooking skills.


5. Make a TikTok

Tiktok is the fastest growing social media platform at the moment. The thing about TikTok is that there isn’t an exact use for it. You can literally do whatever you want. There’s so many comedy videos, dance challenge videos and only God knows what videos. Might as well join you maybe the creator of the next viral challenge.


6. Netflix and no chill

This is not the time to be snuggled up with someone netflixing and chilling. A lot of y’all definitely traveled for spring break and went into those crowded clubs and beaches. Yeah I saw you, spreading your germs. Use quarantine as a time to binge watch your favorite series or even find a new series. Netflix releases tons of shows and/or movies each week. They have something for everyone whether you’re into action packed dramas such as The Flash or rom-coms such as Always Be My Maybe.


7. Read a book

I know! I know! Read a book, how dare I say such a thing! But wait, hear me out. Who knows how long you’re going to be in quarantine and you’ll probably eventually run out of things to watch. There are so many amazing author’s out there. If you’re looking for where to start a few of my favorite authors are Chris Cleave, Teju Cole and Tomi Adeyemi.


8. Discover new music

There are thousands of new artists to discover. There are multiple streaming platforms that curate playlists with artists from all over the world. Instead of playing that playlist you already know you like, try one you wouldn’t normally play. Some artists I suggest you check out are Burna Boy, Rod Wave and Noname. 


9. Go on Twitter

I’m aware that the nation is in a state of panic and stress. The perfect way to relax and destress is to scroll through Twitter. There’s a lot of outta pocket things on twitter. Lord knows Black people don’t know how to take sh*t seriously. Though Twitter is filled with plenty light hearted jokes, be careful of the ones you take seriously. Not everything seen requires action. I don’t want to hear that you drank bleach to cleanse yourself of Coronavirus. I’m warning you now.