Chris Hart-Williams Staff Writer

The First Year College program (FYC) is here to stay, says Mike Mullen, Vice Chancellor and Dean for the Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA).

The First Year College, established in 1995, is a program in Academic Programs and Services (a sub-division of DASA) that caters to first year students undecided on a major.

Recently, there has been concern amongst students regarding the elimination of FYC.

“It’s funny how rumors get started,” said Mullen. “We will always have a program…to do those things that FYC does.”

It is possible that FYC will undergo a name change, but it will remain the “college of options”  for incoming students undecided on a major.

Mullen and other division leaders want to enhance DASA to better serve students.“The idea of an umbrella, University College has been discussed,”said Mullen. Thursday, in a meeting, they discussed the idea but have not yet come to a conclusion.

Enhancing services for second year students and transfer students is one reason for considering a change to FYC, said Mullen. He says because many students go into their second year still undecided on a major and others seek to switch majors in their second year, changes are needed to help students beyond their first year.

According to Mullen, budget cut changes, such as the elimination of the Transition Program earlier this month will not continue. The Transition Program’s services are now offered through FYC. The move of the Transition Program students into the FYC,which makes more services available to students. “It’s a win, win,” said Mullen.

Mullen points out that DASA is just over a year old and is expected to evolve.The merger of the Division of Student Affairs and the Division of Undergraduate Academic Programs created the new DASA July 2012.