To The Current Black Community at NCSU:

First off understand why the Nubian Message was founded.  It was founded simply to give ‘us’ a voice.  The Technician never adequately represented our events, thoughts, or actions.  I know this because I helped in it’s founding.   I remember staying up late discussing relevant issues.   I remember going to NCCU to get it printed because NCSU wouldn’t.  I have copies of The Technician that caused an uproar leading to The Nubian Message’s inception.

Second, I personally feel that the editor is publishing a newspaper that is up to par with why we started the paper.  It was never intended to make everyone comfortable.  This is why it was initially funded by us and not NCSU.  There is an Afrikan Proverb that says ‘Until the lion has historians, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter’.

Lastly, there are other issues that are worthy of getting behind right now.  The current legislation on voting rights should be a major concern.  I truly hope that you understand it’s implications.  Once again your voice is be silenced.  Go back and research the history of ‘Black’ students at NCSU.  Then maybe you will understand the rationale behind statements like ‘Black Pack’.   I have 2 degrees from NCSU, however, I will always be a member of the ‘Black Pack’.

W. Chris Smith