Mary Gorry, a freshman at App. State, took to Twitter after ASU suffered defeat by the A&T Aggies, on Sept. 7.

Mary Gorry, a freshman at App. State, took to Twitter after ASU suffered defeat by the A&T Aggies, on Sept. 7. For more on the sequence of events that followed this tweet check out our storify.


This unsigned editorial is the opinion of the Nubian Message’s editorial board, and is the responsibility of the editor-in-chief. 

The next time Mary Gorry decides to send a tweet, she might want to consider using spell check. On Saturday after North Carolina A&T defeated Appalachian State University in a football game, a tweet was sent from the App State Freshman’s @mgxoxx Twitter account, that ultimately placed her on the wrong side of #blacktwitter.

The tweet read, “Shoutout to the igniggerant A&T fans behind us at the game for making the game better. #appstate”

Although she obviously had intentions of making a clever play on words by replacing the ‘nor’ in ignorant with “nigger,” the only thing Gorry succeeded in doing was proving just how much she needs to be enrolled in English 101.

Not only did she spell shout out and ignorant wrong, but also her tweet was grossly redundant.

Apparently, Gorry could also benefit from a crash course in how to properly use social media. After sending the now infamous tweet, Gorry’s mentions began to overflow with A&T students and supporters alike responding to her bigotry. Gorry attempted to delete the tweet, but in the age of screenshots and retweets, her efforts were all in vain.

Several weeks before Saturday’s fiasco, Gorry also made the rookie  mistake of posting her phone number underneath a picture on her public Instagram account. Within minutes of #blacktwitter locating both her Facebook and Instagram accounts, her phone number was being shared, posted and tweeted all over the web.

Though vocal about her thoughts on the fans of NCA&T present at the football game, Gorry has remained seemingly mum on the verbal backlash and thrashing she received as a result of her “spelling mishap.” The Nubian Message reached out to Gorry for comment, but she has yet to respond.

Although we are not students at NCA&T or App State, as students in the UNC System we feel just as offended by what took place on Twitter, Saturday.

We hope Mary Gorry has learned not to post her phone number on social media accounts for the world to see and that being clever is not her strong point. We also encourage her to become more acquainted with the 2.8 percent of students who make up the black population at App State. Perhaps if she had more of them in her circle of friends, they could have told her, that her “igniggerant” tweet was ignorant.