Chelsea Gardner| Staff Writer

Friday, Oct. 19, Judge Debra Nelson granted George Zimmerman’s lawyers access to Trayvon Martin’s school and social media accounts. This included access to Martin’s Twitter and Facebook, as well as documents containing Martin’s attendance, and records of disciplinary action.

According to the Associated Press, defense attorneys plan to use these records to examine Martin’s behavior and tendencies. However, neither the media nor the jury will have access to this material.

It has been approximately nine months since volunteer watchdog Zimmerman, 29, shot 17-year-old Martin in Sanford, Fla. Since then, Zimmerman has adamantly claimed self-defense, pleading not guilty to second-degree murder.

Many people wonder how academic records are relevant to Martin’s murder, while others think they are a key component in the case. Martin’s family disagrees with the ruling.

According to USA Today, Tracy Martin, the father of the slain teenager, said the school records are irrelevant. “Trayvon was the victim,” he said. “I think it’s an attempt to assassinate his character.

Selena Amatya, a sophomore in International Studies, agrees with this sentiment. “I kinda think it is irrelevant. Your grades or your tweets don’t constitute whether or not you deserve to get shot,” she said.

USA Today  also reported that in response to Martin’s shooting, his parents have begun an organization called the “Change Trayvon Committee of Continuous Existence.” The purpose of this organization is to progressively change the “stand your ground” laws in the United States.

The next hearing will be held on Friday to discuss Zimmerman’s medical records and the issuing of a gag order, which establishes closed hearings and requires a few documents be sealed.

Zimmerman’s trial has been set for June 10, 2013.