Last night, the Xi Zeta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma, Fraternity Inc. and the Kappa Omicron Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Inc. hosted a program entitled #Let’s Be Honest, What are people really thinking which examined the impressions that students make around campus and discussed the benefits of making a good impression.

Several of the topics addressed during the program were personal appearance, name brand clothing, African Americans interactions within and outside the race, as well as social networking etiqutte. Attendees discussed the pros and cons of each specific subject and shared personal experiences. Attendees also viewed a video of interviews with professors detailing whether or not the appearance of a student has an effect on the way that they are perceived in the classroom and etiqutte for communication between student and faculty members.

The biggest topic of discussion of the night was social networking. Many of students had many personal experiences with Twitter and Facebook. Many students felt that for the most part students showcased a positive image of themselves on Facebook, but at times tend to get a bit out of hand on Twitter. Attendees felt that many times there are people on Twitter who build an entirely different identity online than the one they portray in person. One question that was left unaswered after the program was whether social networking sites are meant to be a place where people can post what they want or whether their should be a limit to what is and what is not acceptable?

One thing that was agreed upon is that social networking has become a big part of college student’s lives today and everyone must make very tough decisions of what they should and what they should not post. Many employers use social networking sites as the first unofficial part of the interview process. Students must make sure that they are making the best impression possible, because most times students only have one time to make a good impression. The first impression is the best impression.


1. Dress for yourself, and not for others

2. Watch what you put on Twitter and Facebook, people are watching

3. When you email professors, leave text messaging habits at the door

4. Don’t Poke people on Facebook

5.Show your true self when you are on the web… People will begin to associate your Twitter alters with your true personality

6. Don’t argue with people on Twitter and then act like you are best friends in person

7. Live within your means… Don’t Buy 100 Dollar shoes that are really worth 15 dollars

8. Always be mindful of everything you say and everything you do, because someone is always watching

9. Once you click send, you have just released your thoughts to millions of people and you can’t take it back