Christopher Lynn | Staff Writer 

Rapper, producer, and designer Kanye West is renowned for his work in the music and fashion industries, but since his 2008 hook-up with former “dancer” Amber Rose, he has been in the public eye for his relationships.

The public first caught wind of West’s and Rose’s relationship in West’s song “Stronger” off of his album “Graduation,” with his racy lyric“…well, I’ll do anything for a blonde d**e, and she’ll do anything for the limelight…” It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that West was referring to the woman with short blonde hair, and voluptuous figure he had been seen parading around.

After his relationship with Rose ended, West was seen out with another “model,” Kim Kardashian. Though she was no stranger to the public eye as Rose was, it was still a shocker to see Mr. West with such a woman. This shock was not from first glance, but instead of disbelief.

Why would Kanye “wife” someone like Kim? West (somewhat) answered this question in his track “Cold,” in which he makes the request for, “A bad b**ch without no flaws,” to come to meet him “without no drawers.”

Some people seem to think Kanye is solely interested in superficial relationships, but I see it as something different and a lot deeper. When in relationships with these women, respectively, Kanye takes Amber and Kim and aesthetically refines them.

Amber’s past is one of exotic dancing and video modeling, both careers that require very little clothing, and sometimes none. After beginning her relationship with Kanye, Amber went from being paid to take off her clothes, to instead being paid to display them. Instead of spreading her legs and dancing scantily in videos, Rose was now being put in magazine spreads—quite the turnaround.

As for Kim Kardashian, I’m pretty sure everyone knows how she first graced her presence to the public. Known as the “superstar all from a home movie,” Kardashian turned her shame into a brand. Kardashian took her stake in fame and is now an established reality-television star and storeowner. Once frequently seen in skin-tight dresses, heavy make-up, and big hair, people noticed a change in Kardashian’s style since beginning her relationship with West.

She has now been seen wearing more natural make-up, demure hairstyles, and more high-fashion pieces. The Daily Mail UK published an interesting article noting Kardashian’s change. According to the British magazine, Kardashian has developed from a “once-trashy reality star” into “a sleek sophisticate.”

When I see what Kanye has done to these women, I see what his former fiancée Alexis Phifer did to him. Alexis was a designer, West was an urban but still well-dressed rapper. Phifer took him from wearing street wear brands like Bathing Ape, to runway-esque labels such as Alexander McQueen. Once seen as a brash and outspoken rapper, Kanye was transformed into a refined and fashionable socialite. Kanye proposed to her in 2006, after being with her since 2002. Their engagement lasted for 18 months until Alexis broke his heart, only a few months after his mother’s passing, spiraling him into a deep depression.

Desperately looking for consolation, maybe Kanye really did find something concrete in Amber, and now Kim; or maybe he’s just chasing pavement.