Destiny Diamond | Staff Writer 

My friends and I sat down this week and the conversation of Jersey and Letter Chasers came up at dinner. Generally speaking, girls who are known to hang out with a lot of Greeks, or athletes have a bad rep, but what if they are officially dating one of them? After a long, heated discussion on the matter, my friends and I decided that Jersey Chasers are girls who only date guys affiliated with some sports team, typically football or basketball. There are also those girls who are Letter Chasers. Much like Jersey Chasers, they only date guys in Greek fraternities.

Just because a girl is talking to a football player or a Greek, it doesn’t mean she is a Chaser or promiscuous. A girl becomes a Chaser and is labeled as promiscuous based on the number of athletes and Greeks she becomes involved with.

I have noticed that it is really hard for girls not to be labeled as Greek or Jersey Chasers when they have pursued relationships with multiple athletes and Greeks. However, what happens when these relationships are strictly platonic? Is it possible for a girl to have a lot of male friends who are football players, basketball player or Greeks, without being labeled as a Chaser?

I think the general population would say no. The reason why it doesn’t work is because it is hard to say you aren’t something if your actions are screaming something else.

On the other hand, I have spoken to people who say that sometimes girls may seem promiscuous, but aren’t. So, could the same thing be true for Chasers? There is a lot of red tape, and our society is built on perceptions. It is really hard to claim you’re not a duck if you walk and talk like one.

At the end of the day, you will probably get a bad rep or be called a Jersey or Greek Chaser if you are seen with a lot of Greeks or athletes.  In college, your reputation is all you’ve got.  It is a very fragile and can be ruined with one offense.

After writing this, I still feel as though it shouldn’t matter what someone is doing with his or her time. However this doesn’t change the fact that by affiliating herself with multiple members of the male species who belong to sports teams or fraternities, females run the strong risk of being labeled a Chaser.