Christopher Lynn |Campus Style Correspondent

This week’s installment of the Haute Seat is a special one. All students in the surrounding areas and colleges know about N.C. State’s infamous Talley parties. Students from Shaw University, St. Augustine, Meredith College, William-Peace University, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, North Carolina Central and even East Carolina University, all come to party here with us. With this wide array of characters, there was destined to be a night full of rachetness at Friday night’s Talley party; and plenty there was.

For those new to NC State, a Talley party is a party hosted by a specific group or organization on campus that is held in Talley Student Center. Open to all students near and far, there is always a big turnout. Whenever a Talley Party is scheduled, it is always the talk of the town for the entire week. Also, the secrecy and limited availability of tickets increases the “it” factor.  If you consider yourself a “somebody” on campus, it’s imperative that you’re in attendance at any and every Talley Party.

Enough of the generalities: let’s get to the issue at hand. Talley parties are all fun and games, until someone becomes the topic of everyone’s conversation. There is always a theme to every Talley party, and the first of this year was “Flight 1911 First Klass.” No disrespect to the Kappas, but there was little “klass” to this party. This was no fault of theirs. Looking at some of the females and their attire at this event gave me symptoms of jet lag: headaches, fatigue, disorientation, and mild depression. According to one freshman who decided to remain anonymous, “Bellies were out in full view, Spanx was showing through cut-out dresses, and (some people) couldn’t walk in heels.”

I could not have said it any better myself.
Congratulations! This week’s edition goes out to those too poochy to wear bandeaus, which for the night I referred to as “ban-don’ts.” For those who had the courage to wear Cowardly Lion lace-front wigs, and to those who looked like newborn “Bambis” trying to walk in six-inch heels, you all have just been placed in the Haute Seat.