D’Andra Troy | Campus Style Correspondent

As students here at N.C. State we all know about the many struggles of our college lifestyle. Oodles of Noodles for dinner, arriving at the club after “free before eleven, ‘balling out’ the week you get your refund check, then being broke for the rest of the semester.

These are all big struggles, but the biggest of them all has to be getting out of bed on a dreary, rainy day and getting fashionably dressed.  A rainy week at State could easily result in eyesores for a fashion- scout like myself. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how the Pack decided to express their sense of fashion, even in the rain.

Reigning Alpha this week were these zebra-printed galoshes. These boots, along with many other pairs, graced our bricks this week on campus. Everyone who wore a pair of fashionable rain boots made a stylish stomp through the infinite amount of rain puddles. So if you had some on this is section is dedicated to you, give yourself a round of applause. There may not be one “Alpha” this week, but that is only because

the boot game was definitely haute. The wearer of the boots shown had but one comment to say on her shoe game: “It’s like a foot safari.” If you missed out on the trend, I guarantee that there will be more rainy days here on campus.

Rain boots are fashionable and, they look better in rain than soggy canvas shoes like Toms or Vans. Being the “penny pincher” that I am, I realize that a refund check is not the equivalent of hitting the Lotto therefore, I found some rain boots that are excellent prices for the fashionable person on a budget. Target has a large selection of boots ranging from $14.99 to $34.99. With prices so low, it is a wonder why every wolf in the Pack did not have a pair.

Keep in mind that a rainy week is not a free pass to be lazy and not get fully dressed. Get back on your grind and parade your fashion for the world to see. Congratulations to the alpha wolves that led the Pack over the wet bricks last week!