Samsung Galaxy 3s

Justin Ferguson| Contributor 

After months of waiting the iPhone 5 is finally here. For most people eligible for an upgrade or just anyone in need of a new phone, purchasing the iPhone may seem to be the only logical choice, however this is not the case.

The iPhone 5’s biggest competitor is the Samsung Galaxy S III. With this knowledge many consumers have been left grappling with the question, “Should I buy the Iphone5 or Samsung Galaxy S III?”  Choosing either phone is all based on preference.

The iPhone 5 offers a smooth feel with a polished design and build, while the Samsung Galaxy S III offers NFC software a bigger screen and 11-hour battery life as well as other features.  This is no surprise, as in the past Android has been known to release a lot of new innovative technology, but there have often been glitches within this technology.

Another decision consumers will have to make when deciding between the iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy III is whether they are going to use all the features offered on either device, and each device is suited for different people.

If you are a consumer who likes listening to music and are the type of person to add your entire music library to your phone, my suggestion is the Samsung Galaxy S III. With this phone you can add up to a 64 GB memory card for extra storage.  The iPhone 5 does not offer external storage.

The Samsung Galaxy also has the ability to beam photos, playlists and videos to any of your friends with a Samsung Galaxy S III of their own.

If you prefer to have a personal assistant to make reservations for restaurants and keep you up-to-date with the scores and stats from the game you missed the night before, then I suggest the iPhone 5.

The iPhone also offers Passbook as a way to keep up with coupons, ticket stubs, etc. so that they can be easily accessed when needed.

Overall the Samsung Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5 both offer a lot of new features so it really boils down to which features will cater best to your daily needs.  You can’t go wrong with either of these phones, which is why they are both in high demand!