There is a question I feel I must ask.
Are we free? I mean… truly free?
Finding the answer to this question
Can really be a blessin’
But it seems like such an arduous task.
So where do I start?
I don’t really know
But I’m ready to be on my mark,
And then I’ll get set… and go
While I have the light
Before the times comes for it to be dark.
There are so many negative issues in our world
That just seem to want to stay.
And I know we shouldn’t feel this way…
But we sometimes find it hard to even
Get on our knees and pray…
Are we free?

We go on our missions to conquer the world.
Then when things don’t go our way
We get upset and forget
About God’s mercy that lets us see these days.
The media tells us what to think, what to do,
What to buy, and who we should listen to,
And what dream we should live up to.
It tells us that it’s not about others,
But “it’s all about you.”
So we attack ourselves when we
Don’t live up to that dream.
We have too much stuff
Because we are afraid we don’t have enough.
And we don’t give enough to those in need
Because we live by our own selfish creeds.
Are we free?
At times we let others make decisions for us
When they don’t have our best interests at heart
Then we are surprised when we see ourselves
Break down… part by part.
From slavery until now, our minds have been trapped
In a box
That seems to plot and scheme like an evil fox.
The box won’t let us try new things, find real attractions.
It won’t let us breathe enough to enjoy pure satisfaction.
It doesn’t like us to think outside of it.
But if we can’t think outside of it,
Then how will we ever escape it?
Well I’ve escaped it and…
I hate the box.
And it hates me
Because it knows I want to be free.
But we can escape it, you see.
Because of the One who is able to give us true liberty.
Now I have a true testimony.
So many people want to bring others down
When they see them trying to rise to the top
As they strive to do the same thing.
That crab mentality is killing us
While we waste time, money, and resources on stupid bling.
When we live in fear of others’ success,
Are we truly free?
We need less fear
And more power, more love, and more sound minds.
So with all these things in mind… I ask once again-
Are we free… I mean… truly free?