It’s time for another change. That’s right Facebook is about to launch their new interface globally. Starting yesterday it is now mandatory for Facebook users to switch their profile pages to the new timeline. Do you remember the first day you logged onto Facebook? Do you know who the very first person you ever posted a message on their wall? No? Well Facebook knows and now everyone else can too. Facebook allows people to search through people’s posts from the very first time they ever logged onto Facebook.

Clicking on your friend’s page the first thing you will realize is the display picture that spreads across anyone’s screen. Each person gets to choose the best picture they think would represent them well. So I suggest you pick a good one that you wouldn’t mind future employers to see. You also have all the features such as seeing your friend’s pictures, friends, and their personal info easily on the top of everyone’s page.

However, Facebook gives users the opportunity to control their own page. For example, if you have pictures from freshman year of you partying hard and you no longer want those pictures seen publicly then you are able to hide those pictures or posts away from the public’s view. This new timeline allows for you to reminisce on your life as well as for friends to remember the fun you had as well as allowing you to stay in control.

Personally, the new timeline on Facebook seems to make it easy for people to get access to people’s private lives in ways which have never been considered beforehand. For all the crazy ex-girlfriends, pedophiles, and even parents this could be a way for them to cause more drama in your life. It is highly suggested that everyone go through their own profile and make sure that anything they don’t want posted is no longer available to be seen. Now is the time to be more careful than ever on in the social networking world.