This week, social activist Kemba Smith will be speaking about her experience with domestic violence, as well as her experience being incarcerated after becoming romantically involved with a drug dealer during college.

Kemba’s story has been featured on many national programs which caught the attention of former President Bill Clinton who personally wrote a letter which in return reduced her sentence.

Kemba Smith grew up in Richmond, Virginia as on only child. Following her high school graduation, Smith became a student at Hampton University. During her time at the university, Kemba Smith became involved with a drug dealer in an attempt to fit in.

Following this relationship, Kemba Smith was sentenced to 24.5 years in a federal prison, but ended up serving only 6.5 years. She was granted clemency by former President Bill Clinton in 2000 after he witnessed her story. Smith received vast support from many people around the nation who had been touched by her story. It is now Kemba’s mission to fight lenghty sentences for first time non-violent offenders.

Smith stated in her bio that she wants many students to realize that their are

consequences for their actions.

Following her time in prison Kemba Smith finished college at Virginia Union University where she received a degree in social work. She also finished up one year of law school at Howard University. Currently, she is hard at work on her foundation, which is entitled the Kemba Smith Foundation.

Kemba Smith will also be showing her featured documentary which will provide an inside look on her life.

“Wife, mother, advocate, consultant, public speaker, domestic violence survivor, and formerly incarcerated person” – Kembasmith.com

Poster Child: The Kemba Smith Story

Date: Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Time: 7PM

Place: Student Cinema (Witherspoon Student Center)

Guest Kemba Smith will share her experiences with domestic violence as well as her involvement with a drug dealer in college which landed her in jail for 6.5 years before being granted clemency by former President Bill Clinton.

Program is sponsored by: Union Activities Board/Black Student Boards

Co-Sponsored by: The Nubian Message and the Society of Afrikan-American Culture

Kemba Smith will provide a meet and greet with audience members following the program.

Refreshments Provided