by Alexis Teasdell – Arts/Entertainment

In my mind I’m playing Ambitious Guy.
I just want you in the front of class
maybe with a raised hand.
with a powerful stance
chest out habits of a man.
I can’t understand why you’re in the back row with your feet up
Is that really how you act though?
Hat on, pants sagging
I’m not even trying to attack you
But you’re potential is  beautiful
I see so much potential in you
It’s in the depths of your mental
But these groupies have you crippled
They give in so fast
So now waiting is annoying
They’ve got you balancing multiple girls
So now exclusive is boring
I’m not asking for a hubby to be
I just want you to study with me
Be a buddy to me
and although there are gender differences
I don’t need another judge of me
You’ve made it to university
Educational varsity
I don’t mean to add pressure
Just please strive for your destiny
But don’t let destiny put in all the work
Because we’re all rooting for you
When you don’t try is when we hurt
Not when you fail
Because we’ve all fell
That’s what makes our story so interesting to tell
Ambitious guy.
And I know that y’all are out there.
And I want to remind y’all that we do see you and we do care
Because although it may seem like we don’t see
Ambitious man, everyday you inspire me
From your faith and your discipline
Your drive, your attention span
I heard you may feel like the world’s against you and
I want you to know that you’re more than just your average man
And please speak up because I’m interested in everything you’re saying
Don’t give in to this stigma of what the world says you’ll probably be
even if they challenge your future statistically
because there’s never been another like YOU
and there never will be
Yes I’m attracted to your muscular arms
And the seriousness in your eyes
But what separates you ambitious guy
Is something I cant describe
So I’m hoping this inspired you
And I never want you to feel that we’re tired of you
Because the biggest success story
could really be a reflection of you.