By Alexis Teasdell

Don’t mind him baby,
He’s just a man
Was a term I’ve heard for years.
Being forced to understand
foul words and harsh blows.
When he comes home,
Nobody knows.
He’s just a man
So you support his lies,
act submissive for his guys,
because it is in a woman that a man confides.
He’s just a man
So I must understand why he can bring bruises to her face,
criticize her weight,
and says I love you and he’ll never again make that mistake.
He’s just a man
So he may have tendencies to run around,
have trouble holding the house down,
As he uses all his power to keep her head down.
He’s just a man
So if this is the example he sets for her son
than she has two views of who her son may become:
A provider out of spite,
or a lover by day to friends and abuser by night.
She depends on the media that the world despises to show her son another way.
She hopes her son will grow strong enough to get the family out someday.
Because her friends say she’s stupid for letting her kids see him treat her this way.
But they don’t understand
It didn’t start this way.
He started off charming and in charge
Like a man should be
She saw the women in her family beat before and I thought
“Never me”
But the first time he said would be the last time and the last time it was through prayer that those blows weren’t her last time
And now Its normal to expect but its still a shock when she gets to the next time
And there are stories saying that this cold world makes men beat
And they say that it was due to slavery that her man feels weak
And she says “it’s because he doesn’t feel like a man that my man hits me”
And he says that he still holds her hand because “baby you get me”
And they say statistically, that my man will hit me
But every thing’s so fuzzy
I just try to understand
But until then I for some reason I’m just told
He’s just a man