By Kareem Williams

On Tuesday April 5th, the Society of Afrikan American Culture (SAAC)
presented the “Black Culture Rocks” ceremony. The event highlighted faculty
members and students who help to make NC State’s community dynamic. SAAC
is one of the most well known African American organizations on campus and is
the first African American organization on campus. The presentation started after
the “Black Anthem” by Trevon Nelson and was followed by a short video why
different African American students love the black Culture at NC State.

Following the video, the first round of awards were presented by Elvin James, a senior majoring
in Public and Interpersonal Communication; Rickiah Wingfield, a senior majoring in
Spanish Literature and Language; and Kelvin Carter, a junior majoring in Computer
Engineering. The first awards were presented to Dr. Tracey Ray, Dr. Jamilia
Simpson, and Dr. Patricia Capal. After they received their awards, Shekeita Thorn
and Angelical Davis of the Panoramic Dance Company provided a lyrical dance.

Following the Panoramic Dance company’s piece, Mark Hill, a junior
majoring in Psychology presented awards for Dr. Tracey Ray, Felicia Jackson,
Abraham Dones, and Jussain Brown. Danielle Thomas, a senior majoring in
Psychology, then presented awards for the African American Cultural Center with
awards for Dr. Keith Powell, Toni Thorpe and Sandra Dunn. Julian Tucker then
presented a brief “Live Wax Museum” of Spike Lee. Following Julian came NC State
University’s Acappology group who performed “Open your eyes” and their version
of Aaliyah’s “Are you that Somebody”. Subsequent to Acappology’s piece, Kornelius
Bascombe, a senior majoring in Criminology, and Shiona Caldwell, a senior majoring
in Africana Studies with a minor in Criminology presented the awards for Kevin
Howell and Shelia Smith McCoy. After their awards the last act was instrumentally
performed by Natashia Tinsley and Lana Layton.

The Black Culture Rocks ceremony was a very good success that gave
attention to our very deserving faculty