Eruidition is the extensive learning acquired from studying, scholarship, and profound learning. Erudite is derived from the Latin term Eruditus, which describes one who is well instructed and learned. This past week, The Eta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. hosted a series of educational and informative programs with the intent to inspire and educate students on issues facing the community with Erudition as it’s main focus.

The week began with an informative program entitled “What Not to Wear.” The basis of this program was  to educate students on fashion “dos and dont’s” when seeking post-educational career opportunities. First impressions can make or break students when they are in the process of transitioning from a collegiate institution to the workplace. Several students modeled acceptable and unacceptable business professional and business casual attire.  One thing that many people may not realize is that the colors they choose to wear can speak volumes on their personality. For example sometimes “orange” could give the impression that one is cheap and “red” can give an impression of aggression.  Thus it has been said, that when one is seeking a job, they should wear neutral colors.

The following night, newly appointed Co-Chair of the Democratic National Committee – Credentials Committee, Mr. Everett Ward discussed the results of the 2010 Mid-Term Election and the effects that it will have on the community in the future. Ward pressed the point that students must stay informed with current issues, vote, and utilize their student organizations to make change on campus and in the surrounding community. He said that student organizations will have a detrimental impact on the decisions made when it comes to budget cuts at the University in the coming years.

On Wednesday, newly appointed Special Superior Court Judge of North Carolina, Judge Craig Croom gave an informational session focused on the rights of citizens in the United States. Topics addressed included search warrants, speeding tickets, and unfair treatment from public authorities. He gave pertinent tips that many people fail to realize when they are stopped for simple traffic violations and when they have their day in court. Thursday, the fraternity hosted a “Bowling for Babies” event in a co-sponsorship with the Beta Upsilon chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Inc. All proceeds raised from the bowling tournament will be donated to the March of Dimes.

The organization completed the week with a Women’s Appreciation event entitled “My Black is Golden” on Friday, the Eta Omicron Highway Clean-Up of Lake Wheeler Road community service event on Saturday, and a worship service at Peace Church on Sunday.