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According to Jay Friedman, there are three conditions one must meet before having sex. This week the sex educator will be bringing his lecture performance to campus entitled “The J-Spot: A Sex Educator Tells All” which will answer many of the questions that college students around the nation may have had about sex. The innovative lecture will entertain and educate audience members about important and timely sexuality issues. Jay Friedman is an award winning writer, sex educator, and provocateur. He completed his undergraduate work at Cornell University, and received a Master of Education from the University of Vermont.

The program hosted by the UAB Issues and Ideas Committee will take place Wednesday at 7PM in Stewart Theater.

“Unfortunately, we live in a sex-negative, sex-repressed, and sex-phobic society which has trouble talking about sex and which provides inadequate sex education,” Friedman asserts. “My goal is to give a thought-provoking, conversation-creating and perhaps life-changing performance that breaks the taboos in talking about sex. If people can be more open, I’m sure we’d avoid the dangers that result from sexual ignorance, and instead enjoy healthy relationships and more pleasurable sexual lives.”

Friedman has authored intriguing articles regarding sexuality, as well as the curriculum for Cornell University’s male sexuality peer education program entitled How to be a Better Lover.  The program is promised to a memorable experience thanks to the combination of Friedman’s expertise as a sex educator, past experience as a DJ, and bright sense of humor.

One reviewer stated the “lecture performance a la The Vagina Monologues that provokes as it electrifies the audience about things everyone cares about: sex and relationships.”

“People call me a sexual provocateur,” explains Friedman, “My performance is at times personal, philosophical, political and prophetic. The storytelling, the cultural observations, the predictions—they’re all relevant to the students’ lives, getting them to perk up, laugh a lot, and also learn.”

In addition to learning about the three conditions of having sex, audience members learn such things as whether men really explode if they don’t have sex, the mysteriously missing sex organ (The G-Spot), How to make condoms feel oh so much better, and much more. “Time flies as Jay tackles a whirlwind of issues—including communication, cross-cultural issues, gender roles, sexual responsibility, and G(ee) spots—in his unique performance style.” Friedman will tackle even the toughest sexual issues.

“The UAB Issues and Ideas Committee thought this would be a beneficial program to bring to campus because of past success with I <3 Female Orgasm and the need for insight into how students can maintain healthy sexual relationships,” stated Emily Holder, Committee Chair.

“Most students don’t receive proper sex education and come to college uninformed and unprepared. The J-Spot will offer information while removing the taboo often associated with sex in a fun environment.”

Various campus organizations will have information tables at the event delivering more information on different sexual health issues. Guests that attend will also be eligible for door prizes.