Shaniqua Taylor | Layout Editor

The Nubian Message serves as the voice of the African American Community at NC State. It was created in 1992 after a huge dispute regarding a controversial article printed by a writer from the Technician. This article criticized rallies that were occurring during this period at UNC Chapel Hill and NC State regarding the demand for the creation of African American Cultural Centers. The writer depicted the activist as racist for lobbying for a center that was meant to educated students about African American Culture. Students at NC State combated this article by standing up for what they believed in. On September 24, 1992, over 200 students rallied in the brickyard protesting the unjust article and burning copies of the Technician. These students sought for their voices to be heard and their courage and determination lead to a publication that would make a lasting impact on the campus.

The first edition of the Nubian Message was published on November 30, 1992. Students managed to publish the first article without the help of the University. They did not receive any funding from the university nor were they allowed to use any of their equipment. Students were even forced to work on the paper at North Carolina Central University. Thankfully, organizations such as the National Panhellenic Council, Society of African American culture, National Society of Black Engineers and the Student Mentor Association helped the Nubian with funding.

The Nubian Message was formed to offer the black perspective and allow students to express, learn, and engage in their culture through this publication. Tony Williamson, the first editor-in-chief, expressed that this was a dream come true for himself, other students, and more importantly future African American students. He stated, “The Nubian Message should and will be the voice for African-Americans at N.C. State,” he wrote. “It will be a publication in which people can learn about different aspects of our culture, as well as find out useful information about campus.”

It is imperative that we continue to support the Nubian Message. While the paper is still being successfully printed each week, there is always room for new people on staff that will be dedicated to carrying on the vision and dream of individuals like Tony Williamson.