There are things each leader should know to be a great leader. Having been in a few meetings around campus lately, I’ve noticed that many new leaders have become more slack and do not have their meetings under control. Just as our current generation has lost the old ways of living, we also are losing the right ways of having an effective meeting. In my communication’s class we have discussed how to be an effective leader. Here is a bit of insight on things that one can do to keep members interested along with what not to do to keep things organized and running smoothly.

Below you will find a list of the top 10 things to do as an effective leader and things to probably reconsider.

1. Have an agenda, and follow it. Best ways to have your members stay on task and follow along.

2. Not only should you be prepared to run the meeting, but the second in command need to also know what to talk about just in case the president needs to step out.

3. Stay focused; don’t have the conversation carry to personal conversation among the group.

4. If you can, follow the Robert’s Rules of Order, but not applicable for every organization.

5. Know who has the floor. If your members are talking let them have the floor at the time.

6. Keep things flowing; don’t have people talking out of turn.

7. Be respectful of your member’s time, and try not to waste it by doing things that are not important at the time.

8. Don’t expect so much from your members. Remember that their personal lives will come before anything.

9. You must be the most bias person in the meeting, and opened to all suggestions and ideas.

10. Most important, you are the leader! You set the example for your organization. So if you talk during the meeting then they will talk. If you move around and leave in and out of the meeting, then your members will do the same.

Set the example for your meeting and it should be followed. Remember that people take pride in great leaders, and they select them for a reason. So if you have been chosen to hold a leadership position, then know that there is a reason why you are in the position and you have expectations to follow. People are not against appointing a new leader if you are not doing your task, so be cautious that you are always being watched. One last thing to mention, not only are you a leader but you are also a member and you must consider that everyone around you is a valuable member to your organization, and if you are able to fulfill your organizations’ needs then you also will make your organization more successful.

“A leader must have someone to lead, and followers must have someone to follow, which one are you?” ~WOK