Hip Hop is a form of music created in the streets by black youth in the early 70’s, but with its enormous cross-over appeal it has become a way to integrate diverse populations.  It is becoming a symbol for what this country represents. Now some argue that rap and hip hop only promote sex and violence through its lyrics, but they fail to see the bigger picture at hand.  For Hip Hop is bringing unity, the type of unity that people once dreamed of, and one can only imagine what is to come from this rhythm powered movement. Yes, the lyrics can be harsh and violent, but that goes for any form of music. Take Carrie Underwood for example, who is a country singer, she has a song out calledBefore he cheats”, and in the song she talks about taking a Louisville slugger to both head lights and smashing all four tires of her boyfriend’s car, sounds kind of violent to me. Then you also have Bret Michael, who is a rock artist and, most of his songs are about sex, drugs and money. The point I am trying to make is that no matter what type of music it is, whether it is hip hop or country, nine times out of tens there is going to be some form of violence, some kind of representation of sex, and some form of harsh language. But no other category of music can bring people together the way hip hop does.

It is a true symbol of the evolution that this country is going though, because back then you probably only saw young African Americans bobbing their heads uncontrollably to the beat of hip hop. Now you find all people of all races enjoying this form of music, and it is actually estimated that 75% of hip hop listeners are non- African Americans. The reason for that is because the rhythm and the bass that thumps so loudly has become an addicting source to their ears, and once they have had a taste of Hip Hop they have no choice but to come back for more. Big name companies such as Nike, McDonalds, and Saturn, have caught on to the effect hip hop has on the world and now uses it in advertising their products, because they know that, not only will it gain the attention of African Americans, but it will  also gain the attention of people of all races. Hip Hop has the power to move a nation and if you put its sound behind your product, then you are guaranteed a variety of customers.

Now some do claim that the new generation of Hip Hop is an embarrassment and that they are slowly bringing Hip Hop to its death. But I would have to disagree, because hip hop is a way one expresses him or herself through music. And if jerking is what that artist is into then of course they are going to integrate that into their music. They even have kids in the suburbs doing it.  This only brings me back to the point I am trying to make, even though some claim this generation is the death of Hip Hop they are still branching out to all different types of cultures. Sure Hip Hop has come a long way from the Slick rick and N.W.A days, but the new generation has started a trend that makes people feel good and just want to dance through these hard times our country is facing. And the way they are doing it is simply beautiful.

But Hip Hop is here to stay, and some may hate on the new generation but whatever the case may be Hip Hop is still uniting people as we speak, and it is doing without the use of violence, without drama, without causing something terrible to happen in the world; but simply through its music. Go to any concert of a Hip Hop artist and you will see different people of different backgrounds coming together to enjoy quality music. For Hip Hop is and will forever be a form of unity.