We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union…I couldn’t have said it better myself. The utopian idea of society that “we the [black] people” strive for has through time been forced farther and farther from our minds. It has been replaced with this I get mine and walk over anybody who stands in my way mentality, and once we get where we want to go we forget about where we are from and try to mimic ourselves after the majority. We try to put ourselves ahead of the game and become entrepreneurs and make our own money so the “majority” has no control over us. We want our kids and our peers to marry within our race for reasons that escape me. We are so fired up about pro-black this and pro-black that. We are so ready for change to come to America, yet we still call out racism and are ready to go to war when a member of the “majority” cuts in front of us in line in the Atrium. We the people are searching for that perfect union but have tied ourselves to the past and wonder why it’s so hard to make progress. There are people who hate people  of other races, and do not forgive and don’t move on with their lives that keep racism alive. Only after we the people look on to the future and turn our tragedy into triumph, only then will racism take its last breaths. It is only after you get to know the majority will you find the reasoning for their actions. It is only after you give them a reason to love you that they will lose their hatred for you. It is only when you love through the hatred that we the people will gain our perfect union. I believe that the biggest problem facing us is the whole idea of the double standard in America. This double standard is, in my opinion, here today mainly because of us black people. We have separated ourselves to the point that we hold ourselves to one standard and the rest of the world to another, and ours is not necessarily the best. We support the black power movement but frown upon any form of “white power.” We give so much focus and power to a word when we have so many more problems that we need to be focusing on. We the people need to become we the people of the United States. We the separated people need to become we the people of the United Sates and only then will we complete the dreams of our forefathers of a more perfect union. Tearing down “them” and “us” and leaving simply, “We the people.”