To market, to market

To buy a Black Man

Step right up and pick one out if you can

First up

Is a young black male

About 5’11” fully equipped with the du-rag and waves

Timbs are extra

Special offer going only once

This Negro comes with his own custom made grill,

With cubic zirconium diamond earrings and a Rolex

That doesn’t work

So he’ll have an excuse to be “fashionably late”

This Negro comes with the latest slangs that have downloadable updates

So he’ll always be in style

Buy now

And I’ll throw in two baby mommas, two kids, with street drama

So you know how “real” he is

This Negro will have VIP access to all the club spots and poetry jams

So he can be perceived as having some ——–

He also comes with his own personal poem to spit to the “breezies”:

Black man, Black man

What’s the message Black man

I love my beautiful, black, Nubian Queen

Because black is beautiful

And beautiful is black

And I loved-ed her

And she loved-ed me

And everyone should applaud because no one wants to see an angry black man

And this in one of those pretty Negroes with the “good” hair

That wears a diamond-encrusted crucifix

This Negro also comes with his own car

With rims that spin counterclockwise

So Come one, Come all

Everyone can place a bid on the amazing Negro

It’s all for sale!

…Is this what the Black Man has come to?