When I was in California over spring break, I was fortunate enough to witness things that I had never before seen in North Carolina. I witnessed a protest in San Francisco by people who were against and for Proposition Eight. Proposition Eight is a law that citizens are trying to pass in California to ban same sex marriage. It was amazing to see all the people standing on one side with signs as well as rainbow colored clothing that read “Yes on 8,” and on the other side people with shirts that stated “Man + Woman = Marriage.”  On the ballot in California, if one was for same sex marriage they would vote “No on 8” and if one was against it they would vote “Yes on 8.”  This event rallied a lot of news crews for live coverage, and was later broadcasted on televisions with comments from different public officials. If I lived in California, personally, I would vote “No on 8.” I am not a big fan of same sex marriage; but at the same time how can I be against genuine love? Love is a beautiful thing and is suppose to be shared with everyone and everything in the world.

Religious views are one of the biggest issues that come up in arguments about same sex marriage. Many people who practice Christianity solely stick to being against it; however, others who practice this religion may also agree, but with a different approach. The opposing argument would say that God also made everyone equal, in which He also said “who without sin cast the first stone.”  An interpretation of this could be: who are we to judge and say that something is wrong? If they want to get married to express their love for one another, then let it happen. But then, one can look at it from a political point of view. The constitution grants everyone in the United States the right to pursue happiness, and is that not what they are fighting for? Is it too much for people to accept them and their way of life? If America is not trying to hold down minorities, they are busy trying to ruin the lives of other people who do not fit the norm of the ideal American. Whitney DesChamps, a freshman in First Year College, said “Gay marriage is tolerated, but not yet fully accepted, and it is slowly, but surely changing.” One may agree because if you want anything in America you have to fight for it. You have to fight to have the same rights as others.

Because today is a different world, maybe people just need to learn to let people love and let people be happy. Let people express themselves in their own particular way. We should not let the government and our opinions stand in the way of this. When I look at my own friends, I see that the ones who are interested in their same sex, and they are the funniest most outgoing people I have ever met. They make very genuine friends, and during hard times, they will be there for me. And yes, I do have some straight friends with the same characteristics. The point I am trying to make is that I see them all the same way. I do not treat straight friends any better or any less than my gay friends and this is how everyone should be treated. I believe that before we die we have to love everyone for who they are and not what they do, and definitely not for whom they love. I know that America is based off of democracy, so I cannot say that we need to get rid of the proposition; however, I can say that California needs to come to an agreement to let people love and marry who they want. If you love someone, you would want them to be happy, by all means. You may not agree with what they do, but out of love, you would accept it because it makes them happy. America, I challenge you to get rid of your norms and accept things that are different, for we cannot all look, be, and act alike.