By Sampson Bloh

Despite the fact that many have rebuffed the Birther claim, New York’s big man, Donald Trump had been calling the President a foreigner for past few weeks. Mr. Trump stated that the notion that the President is an American citizen could be the worse prank that the government has ever pulled on American people. He had requested that the President show his birth certificate and that the President had shown is not a valid birth certificate.

This man is serious and he is doing this all so that he can position himself as a candidate for the 2012 Presidential Election. It is said that Trump has sent investigators into Hawaii to investigate whether or not the President was really born in the United States, despite the fact that evidence has been shown to him many times. It is amazing how much Trump has risen on the political scene lately, as well as in public opinion polls.

Earlier, many thought that Mr. Trump was joking when he burst into the political scene claiming a run the presidency. This is now becoming a reality day by day as he had been doing better than many of the prominent Republican candidates.

As far as his chances of winning the Republican presidential candidacy and possibly the presidency, chances are slim to none. In fact, Trump has no chance at all. Trump and his supporters are pushing him way too hard.  It’s ridiculous that he is playing this game with fellow Tea Partiers regarding the notion that President Obama is a scary non-American foreigner who has illegally taken the White House. This would sound good in the ears of the Tea Party folks and others but overall, it does not serve well for Trump. It could hurt him politically and it could hurt his business.

As for the Republican candidacy, Trump’s presence should slow down the process of Republicans choosing their candidate quickly so that they can get the campaign process going on. Also, many Republicans could end up turning against him, in fact; prominent Republican leaders are not in support of trump.

They do not think he can beat President Obama in 2012 and yes, there is no way that Trump would be able to beat Obama. Beside, trump’s name is seen as a joke in America’s popular culture and the man is not Presidential material. But if Trump manages to somehow win the Republican Presidential candidacy through a divinely and a Halleluya surprise, it would be a definite surprise.

The White House and Democrats would be very happy because they would get an easy win in 2012. The birth certificate issue that Mr. Trump is raising is an attempt to gain some political benefits for 2012 but it could end up hurting him badly.