QUIANNE’  HOLMES | Staff Writer

Moments after it was announced that Khari Cyrus would be the next Student Body President of NC State, presumed to be students began to lash out on social media sites making derogatory and offensive comments about him as well as African-Americans in general.

Yik Yak posts said things such as: “Blacks ruin countries. Petition to start genocide. Sign in free expression tunnel at noon tomorrow. Put the world back on track” or “I tried to be nice to a black once. I then smelt it, and realized the shit color is more than just skin deep.”

Cyrus will be the eighth Black student to lead the student body.


These are just a few comments that reflect the negative attitudes of current NC State students. It is a shame that students can use their Freedom of Speech on social media to slander someone or a group of people to which they belong and think that it is socially acceptable.

How are African-American students supposed to feel safe on campus with comments about genocides are being made ever so lightly on an anonymous social media site.

Diversity and acceptance of people from different backgrounds are supposed to be our ‘STATEment’ but yet there have been many instances in this academic school year alone, where that STATEment has been otherwise. Where do we go from here? How do we as a “pack,” act like one? I do not have that answer simply because every time I think we are taking two steps forward we seem to take ten steps back.

Hopefully, students will give Khari Cyrus a chance to let his work speak for itself rather than worrying about exogenous factors that are beyond his control.



This article has been edited, it previously stated that Cyrus would be the fifth Black Student Body President.