Ugonna Ezuma-Igwe | Managing Editor

Joining and finding organizations during college is already a very intimidating process and due to coronavirus this process has become even harder. While this process is intimidating it is a necessary process that needs to be done. 

Organizations provide numerous resources and opportunities to students that are beneficial during college and while navigating life. Organizations help build leadership skills, create networks and develop new friendships.

NC State has many clubs and organizations but due to the unexpected changes brought on by coronavirus students have not been exposed to them. Joining organizations is an essential part of the college experience so Nubian compiled a couple of ways that students can use to better navigate the experience during coronavirus times.

Make a list of your interests: NC State has almost 700 organizations available to students which allows for students to explore a wide variety of interests. While having numerous organizations is very helpful, it can also be overwhelming. Nubian suggests that each student writes a list that narrows their interests down in order to limit the amount of organizations that the student has to sort through. This allows for the search process to be quicker and more fruitful.

Look at NC State Get Involved Page ( There is a website devoted solely to organizations on campus. Students are able to look through the website and pick specific categories that they are interested in. The website provides the organization’s contact information, social media and their upcoming events.

Follow organizations social media: Many clubs have become active on multiple social media platforms especially due to covid. Majority of NC state organizations have at least one social media platform that they use to keep their members and potential members updated. Many NC state organizations have put  ncstate or ncsu in their social media handles to make it easier to find them.

Check out Nubian Message’s instagram: Every Monday on Nubian’s instagram , @nubianmessage, we post a “What’s happening this week” on our story. This story includes flyers of upcoming events from different organizations. Viewers can expect to see new events posted every week. Feel free to send in your organization’s flyers so they can be included in our story.

Reach out to people on social media: Don’t be afraid to reach out to people through social media who are actively posting their organization’s flyers. Many students on campus are already active in different organizations and don’t mind talking to students about their organizations. If this is a route you choose to take, please be polite as you are asking these students for help. It’s ultimately their choice whether to help you or not.

There are many organizations available and we encourage you to reach out and get involved in anyway you can. Don’t let coronavirus stop you from enjoying this school year.