Content Warning: Racial Slurs, both pictures and audio 

Racism, racism, racism, the most used word in the times that we’re in. The most abused word. And now it is prominent in the walls of our university, once again. 

Andrew Bailey, an incoming first-year, posted many racial comments towards Black people on multiple social media platforms. Including a Snapchat video (also posted at the bottom of the article) of him and a few friends repeatedly yelling the racial slur, “n*gger”. This video has been deleted from social media. He also posted a picture (down below) following a protest in Greenville and referred to Black people as monkeys, specifically how we have ‘escaped from the zoo again.’

Screenshot of the comments Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey’s Snapchat post

The video rapidly caught the eye of so many students and faculty members, as many felt disrespected, hurt and angry by the ignorant statement made by the incoming first-year. 

Austin Ruark, a second-year student, was involved in a group chat (screenshots below) where he and other students were describing how Black people were causing cops to be racists, using the n-word to define them. 


Comments from Austin Ruark

Austin Ruark’s comments


Comments of Austin Ruark

Austin Ruark’s comments

Now if I have to explain to you why saying the n-word with the -er and saying it with -a is offensive and racist if you are not Black, you are part of the problem. The n-word comes from a place of hatred and oppression of Black people from white folks. 

For centuries, the n-word has been used to keep Black people in their place, a place of inferiority to the common white man, especially with the criminal justice system. 

African Americans were deemed as criminals rather than activists when it came to fighting for freedom during the Civil Rights Movement. The hurt was misinterpreted as anger, which is where all the negative stereotypes of Black people started, like being violent and untamed. And that is the image that is instilled in the minds of the police and everyday people. Their mental stagnation has allowed the oppression to continue. If you want to learn more information, I recommend reading the book, ‘The New Jim Crow’ by Michelle Alexander.

For the past two years that I’ve attended NC State, the issues of racism within the faculty and students have been addressed the same way.  The statement usually starts off with the school not condemning racism and that the office will get to the bottom of the issue and so on. But nothing happens. Nothing beneficial happens. The students are not held responsible for the actions, which then permits racism to get another slap on the wrist on the grounds of this university. 

It is time to take a stand on the account of the people they say they represent. 

A lot of students are highly upset and think that Bailey’s admission should be revoked. It is clear to see the pure hatred of human beings, specifically for Black people, in the posts that were shared. It is clear to see the ignorance. And lastly, it is clear that it was intentional. He wanted a reaction out of people, he wanted to declare his superiority. 

The statement from the school explicitly stated that “ Racism and bigotry in any form have no acceptable place at NC State.”  

See, it’s hard for many students to believe that statement because nothing ever gets done. Nobody is rooting for students of color, especially Black people. 

It’s like empty words filling the room. 

School should be the last place that we experience prejudice. 

Black students are hurt. We shouldn’t have to continue to fight for our basic rights, especially at school, a place that is supposed to be our safe zone. But it’s not, because it continues to allow hate on the campus. Instances like allowing hate speech on the free expression tunnel or holding the Turning Point event back in November.  

 Some people would say that rescinding his acceptance is too harsh. That he should just have a stern talking to and get a hard pat on the back. 

But what will that solve? 

In order for there to be a change, people need to admit to what they’ve done, not by someone forcing them, but actually realizing the privilege that’s running through their veins. Something needs to change in this system, a disciplinary action needs to happen.

In the world that we’re living in, it is crucial for EVERYONE to be educated on this unjust system, not just Black People. 

It’s really just that simple.