Finally we did it… but don’t get too comfortable 

This election has been a rollercoaster ride. With all of the campaigning, debates, voter turnout and the long anticipation of the results, it has probably become the most stressful election we’ve ever had. But it was all worth it because we pushed and fought and now Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are our leaders for the next four years. 

We can now exhale a little bit… but we should continue to keep our eyes open. 

When it comes to the lives of people of color, this country has never played fair. Many leaders have turned a blind eye to us, deeming our problems as irrelevant. 

For instance, throughout Trump’s presidency he made it a mission to demolish the rights of the average American and their families, especially affecting people of color. This can be seen in terms of healthcare, human rights, immigration and many more unethical policies.

And with Biden, he assured us that he will lessen student loans, taxes on households whose income are less than 400,000, provide beneficial healthcare for every American, and fix the law and order issues concerning systemic racism. 

 Now that sounds like a legitimate plan, but the question is will he follow through? Will he be able to achieve what he dished out or are they just empty promises? 

We, people of color, have gone through so much to get to this point, especially Black people. We can’t allow anyone or anything to stop or delay our progress. 

So what am I saying? 

By electing Biden and Harris, we are heading in the right direction but it’s only the starting point.

We also have to hold them and other elected leaders accountable for their promises and call their attention to the many issues that go unnoticed. 

How can we do that? 

Here are some ways:

  1. Keeping tabs on their current actions: Typically once politicians are elected into office, what they stood for in the campaign gets forgotten. By constantly keeping tabs, your awareness of what’s going on can hold them accountable if any discrepancies do occur. 
  2. Contacting state officials with a list of demands you want them to address and represent: Politicians are put in power to serve the people. By reminding them of their responsibilities, they’ll recall that they are there for specific reasons. It’s essential in these times like this to take action and take control by putting pressure on politicians to make the decisions that will benefit all people and their needs. 
  3. One of the simple things anyone can do to spread awareness is to use social media to educate those unaware of the issues at hand. 

As we celebrate this glorious milestone in our country, let us remember that progress is not permanent. We cannot become complacent as things can change in the blink of an eye. 

It is essential that we use this victory to continue to stand up and stand out.