Alexis Roach, a professional year 1 studying veterinary medicine with an interest in laboratory animal science, and Francess Blake, a professional year 1 studying veterinary medicine with an undecided interest, met at Delaware State University’s Early Childhood Laboratory School at the ages of two and three years old. From there they attended different elementary schools and undergraduate schools but stayed in contact and spent time together during their holiday breaks.  

While in high school, they discovered their passion for learning about animals together.  They volunteered at their local ASPCA, volunteered at the same hospital and took animal science classes during their four years in high school.

Roach spent her undergraduate career at North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, while Blake stayed in Dover and attended Delaware State University.  Even though they were about seven hours apart, when applying for veterinary schools, they valued each others opinions and sought a school that they could see themselves as individuals.  

“Believe it or not, neither of us had any intentions of going to the same veterinary medicine program together. When people here our story they think that this whole thing was planned, and it was not at all.  We applied to similar schools, but it never crossed either of our minds that we would potentially go to the same veterinary school” said Blake and Roach.  

North Carolina State University was the first school that both Blake and Roach heard back from.  They joked with each other about potentially going to the same veterinary school before eventually both accepting.  

“In the end, we knew NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine program was the best fit for the both of us, and we knew that coming in together as life long friends would have made the experience even better,” said Blake and Roach. 

They both are roommates and have a very similar class schedule at North Carolina State University, which has helped their friendship grow even more.

“Veterinary school is super hard, and trying to transition into it is even harder,” said Blake and Roach. “Some of our classmates are coming from different states and cities where they don’t know anyone. Let alone have family around them to get them through these tough times. That isn’t the case for us, as we are not only best friends, but we also treat each other like family. We go grocery shopping for each other, share home cooked food from our parents with each other, do things for each other, and constantly look out for each other in any circumstances. Our parents on both sides also help us in any aspect. Whether it is sending us down home cooked food, buying us groceries, or buying us things for our apartment. Our transition into NCSU’s veterinary school has been very smooth, and we love great it has been going.”