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BIRT Established: April 2017

The Bias Incident Response Team of NC State started, serving as an entity to identify and handle reported incidents of bias on campus.


Solar Eclipse: August 21

Over 5,000 people gathered in the Brickyard to view the solar eclipse.

NAACP Returns: August 2017

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Student Chapter returned to NC State after three years of inactivity.


Defend DACA Rally: September 8

Following President Trump’s decision to end DACA, NC State organizations including Mi Familia and Lambda Theta Phi held a rally at Stafford Commons to support students affected by the decision.

Fenty Beauty Launch: September 8

Rihanna’s makeup brand debuted with 40 foundation shades, earning its label as one of the most brown and dark skin-inclusive makeup brands in stores today.


15 Years of Mi Familia: October 13

Mi Familia celebrated 15 years at NC State, as well as their new scholarship fund, with a Quinceañera-themed party. The organization focuses on connect Latin communities on campus.

Franchesca Ramsey Speaks on Campus: October 23

Social media activist and host of MTV’s “Decoded” Franchesca Ramsey was the keynote speaker of the Fall Diversity Dialogue during Diversity Education Week. Ramsey spoke about various social issues including privilege and activism through social media.

Porsha O. Speaks on Campus: October 24

Renowned spoken word poet Porsha O. held a writing workshop and show as part of Diversity Education Week. Porsha O. discussed themes of structural racism, sexism and systematic oppression.

#MeToo Takes Over the Net: October 15

#MeToo, a movement started in 2006 by Tarana Burke that addresses sexual violence and support survivors of sexual violence, dominated Twitter after numerous people responded to the hashtag with their experiences of sexual violence.


Nubian Message Turns 25: November 29

Nubian Message celebrated the 25-year legacy of Nubian Message founder and 1st editor-in-chief Tony Williamson. We published a special edition that focused on the history of black activism and black excellence throughout NC State history.

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Oprah for President 2020: January 2018

At the 75th Golden Globes, Oprah won the Cecil B. DeMille award. In her moving acceptance speech, she honored the women who’ve endured abuse and assault and told the men using their positions of power to silence these women, “their time is up,” prompting us to ask, “Why not Oprah for president?”


Black Panther Drops: February 16

The long-awaited film “Black Panther” finally hit theaters and is subsequently celebrated for its majority black cast and glowing representation of modern and traditional African cultures and society. A hit with critics and audiences, the film had the fifth biggest opening weekend of all time and grossed $665M domestically as of April, making it the third all-time money maker.

Nubian Message Wins Awards: February 24

Nubian Message won Best of Show at the N.C. College Media Association for our 25th anniversary issue. We also received 2 awards and 3 honorable mentions in photography, design and opinion writing categories.


Jordan Peele Wins Oscar: March 4

Jordan Peele was nominated for Best Original Screenplay, Best Picture and Best Director for his film “Get Out.” The film also broke records as the second-highest grossing R-rated horror movie of all time.

NC State Food and Housing Insecurity Survey: March 15

This survey revealed that 14% of students experience food insecurity and about 9.6% experience homelessness. This survey aids in developing support for these members of the Wolfpack.


Beychella: April 14

Beyoncé is the first black woman to headline Coachella and gives audiences an iconic HBCU-inspired performance celebrating black fraternity, black sorority and pride in being black.

Kendrick Lamar Wins Pulitzer Prize: April 16

Lamar was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Music for his album DAMN. This is the first time an artist outside the classical and jazz genres have won the award.