Hey guys,


These past two weeks have been hard on our fellow communities of color, so I want to say first and foremost, on behalf of all the members of the Nubian Message, that we support you. DACA recipients, we are glad you’re here, and recognize that you make our campus better simply by existing on it.

In this issue, we have a new section called Pass The Mic, where we invite members of our community to tell the stories that we can’t: their own. Two DACA recipients here at State have bravely come forward to share their experiences and how the recent DACA rescission affects them. Because this world is full of crazy people, and because we know for a fact there are some on NC State’s campus, they’ve chosen to remain anonymous. I want to take a moment to thank you both for contributing and having the courage to tell your story.

You’ll find Pass The Mic on center spread, along with some much needed information on DACA and proposed replacement legislation. While the rally was great and showed a lot of support, we need to keep that momentum going. Make sure you know what’s being proposed, and where our senators stand. This is a good place to start, but I encourage you to continue educating yourself and your peers, because this isn’t a problem that’s going to resolve itself, and we already know we can’t trust the current administration to look out for the needs of our brown brothers and sisters. Just saying.

In lighter news, from Sept. 15 to Oct.15 is Latinx Heritage Month. Join MSA, the GLBT Center, University Dining and Mi Familia for a month of laughter, learning and everybody’s favorite: food. But in the midst of all that fun, let’s keep in mind what this time is really about: honoring and celebrating the heritage, culture, and future of the Latinx members of our community.

In lieu of a Blackademics feature, and in honor of Latinx Heritage Month, we have a feature on an amazing woman, Dr. Chelsey Juarez. You can read her story of finding community and support on her unexpected journey to anthropology.

To bring this letter on home, I just want to let you all know that we are having interest meetings next month! Check the back of the issue for dates and times. We’re always looking for new writers, and the great thing about the Nubian Message (besides the melanated magic) is that we’re biweekly, which leaves a lot of time to still live your life and contribute to making sure all voices on our campus can be heard. Okay, that’s my spiel for now. You can hear the rest at the interest meeting. I hope to see you there!


Love Always,