Penny Lawrence | Correspondent

True extravagant romance comes with finding adventure together: adventure in the world, heart, and mind. Doing that on a college campus can be daunting, but not impossible.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, some of those who want to celebrate the special day are trying to find this magical thing called romance. If you’re having trouble coming up with a way to romance your loved one, here are some romantic date ideas tailored specifically for North Carolina State University:

If you have a meal plan, you are required to have dining dollars. Use those to your advantage. The C-Stores around campus have the basic essentials for a nice spaghetti dinner, or if you’re not much of a cook, they also have premade food. The food at a romantic dinner isn’t quite as important as the atmosphere. Spruce up your dorm or apartment or go out for a picnic around campus. Another good option is junk food and a movie night. Either online streaming, or some 24-hour desks will have movies that can be borrowed.

web-valentines 6Save money by ‘Netflix and Chillin’ this Valentine’s Day. Photo by Sorena Dadgar

Your dorm’s 24-hour desk also lends out cooking equipment. Don’t forget oven mitts if you’re baking! It’s also a good idea to check out your cooking equipment beforehand because a lot of them will be checked out already by Valentine’s Day.

If you decide to go for a picnic, there are more places available to you than just campus. Nearby you have Pullen Park and the rose garden by Raleigh Little Theatre. If you have transportation, Duke Gardens is definitely worth the drive.

You can also use dining dollars to have a quiet ice cream date in the library bookstacks. Read to each other or play hide and go seek.

Coffee dates are greatly underrated, but there are two coffee options in Talley Student Center that work with the meal plan. Spice it up by sitting close to the One Earth Lounge fireplace and asking each other fun questions.

Near Talley is another underrated thing: Price Hall. Take your date to a music practice room and learn a duet on the piano together, or make your own.

Stargazing is also a good idea. It can be difficult to find somewhere dark enough on campus, but the stars can be seen in the Court of Carolina.

You can also go for a more traditional movie date! Witherspoon Student Center is showing the movie “27 Dresses” on Valentine’s Day.

The university also offers some master dance classes that could be fun to learn together. Urban Latin Dance is being offered for February. You have to register online for the classes, but they’re free.

If you’re a more active couple, there’s the art trail leading to the North Carolina Museum of Art that starts around Hillsborough Street. The museum is free to enter and there are scenic areas for a picnic, as well as a restaurant inside.

If you have transportation and a little money to spare, there are many more nearby ideas. Try ice skating at the skating rink then find a small coffee shop and enjoy some hot chocolate.

If you both enjoy retro arcade games, try Boxcar in downtown Raleigh. It’s both an arcade and a bar.

In the same area there are many art exhibits, including Artspace. It can be nice to just stroll through and look at all of the art.

If you’re both over the drinking age, there’s a nearby vineyard that offers tours and tastings for 10 dollars each.

No matter your situation, with a little creativity and thought, you can make anything romantic with the right person. College doesn’t have to hinder your relationships. It’s supposed to make them easier and more open because you get to control it. If this is the year when you want to inspire love and wonder into your valentine, then make it your year. Don’t stop yourself short because of money or transportation, and your social life can be just as important as your school life. Take time to cherish each other.