Stephanie Tate | Managing Editor

The time has come for us to choose our new student leaders. Both student government and the Union Activities Board have started the campaigning process. Campaigning started on Monday February 22nd and the polls will be open between 8 pm on Feb. 29th and 8pm on March 1st.

There are five candidates that have filed for student body president and student body vice president. Nate Bridgers, a junior studying business administration and the university’s current student body vice president, is now running for student body president with Hayes Griggs as his running mate. Bridgers and Griggs are running under the slogan “Trusted. Honest. Dependable.”

Cody Long, a junior studying political science and history and the current student senate president, is also running for the president position with Mitchell Moravec as his potential vice president. Long and Moravec abide by the slogan “Integrity. Inclusion. Innovation.”

As a senior studying material science and engineering and political science and a veteran member of the executive branch of student government, Paul Nolan brings a wealth of experience to the table along with his running mate Brayndon Stafford. Nolan and Stafford are running on a platform that includes an All NC State App and the opportunity to report a bias incident.

Rye Robinson, a junior studying business administration, is also running for student body president alongside Jotionette “JJ” Jones. Their slogan is “For every student.”

Harrison Preddy, a sophomore studying political science is running for president with Caroline Moody as his running mate. The two have produced a platform that includes: decreasing restrictions on greeks and allowing student government representation for the agricultural institute.

Kamrie Risku,a sophomore studying political science, will be running for UAB President on a platform grounded in allowing students to express their programming proposals.

Amanda Cannon, a junior studying business and communication, is also running for UAB President. Her platform boasts the idea of bringing more events to Greek Court and Centennial Campus.

Student government sponsors events, allocates money for student groups and more. While the Union Activities Board acts as the premier program planning board on campus. UAB is known for bringing films to the campus cinema and picking our homecoming concert performer.

Both organizations affect students in a number of ways as they use a portion of student fees to accomplish their various tasks. When asked about the importance of voting in  campus elections Alonzo Fullenwilder, a junior in mechanical engineering said “Voting is important because it gives people an opportunity to choose their leaders and those that represent their interests. Exercising that right is something we all should take advantage of.”

While it can be tempting to vote frivolously, take a moment to explore the platforms of all of the candidates. The websites for the candidates can be found on the student government website. Allowing yourself to be familiar with the candidates makes voting much more simple and it ensures that your voice is heard.