Masks have become the new normal ever since coronavirus cases have risen to the highest of heights in the US. It has been the one thing that has been proven to help lessen the chances of people contracting the virus in public places. Some people may think all face masks protect you from contracting the virus, but there are different masks that have different levels of security. And with masks being mandatory on campus this semester, it is essential to have one that completely protects you on all levels 


Here are some types of masks that are best to protect you during COVID 19:


  1. N95:  N95 is less used by the general public because of the costly price, but are very effective in use. The masks are oval-shaped, creating a tight seal around the face. With that, N95’s easily dispose of 95% of particles, making it absolutely reliable of protecting whoever wears it from outside bacteria, like large droplets and splashes. These types of masks are mostly used by healthcare officials and medical first responders as they are constantly around patients.
  2. Surgical masks: These masks are the most worn by the general public. They are the next thing to N95 as they also block out germs and large particles from entering the mouth or nose. They are disposable and are easier to wear because of its loose-fitting rectangular shape, making it easy to breathe in. The only thing that differs them from the N95 is not being able to prevent smaller particles because it doesn’t seal as tight, but still very effective. You can find packs at Walmart, as well as Amazon. 
  3. Handmade masks: Though many handmade masks are considered ineffective,  medical organizations suggest using certain material may come in handy. CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suggests woven cotton as productive material to use. Other materials that can be useful include natural silk or flannel. The one thing that is essential with creating your own face mask is making sure it covers your face thoroughly. 


Here are instructions to how to sew effective masks:


Materials that you need: 

Cotton fabric 10 x 6 inch 

Elastic 2 x 6 inch 

Needle and thread 




  1. Cut the material to around 10 x 6  inches. 
  2. Place materials on top of each other
  3. Fold over the long sides of the material around  ¼ inch. Pin in place 
  4. Hem the edges of the material over 
  5. Fold over the sides of the face mask around ½  and hem the sides 
  6. Thread your elastic through the hem with a needle 
  7. Tie your elastic ties in secure knots and move the knots until they are tucked inside the hem 
  8. Adjust the mask to fit your face 


Though choosing masks doesn’t sound like a huge deal to some, it can make a big difference to others in terms of comfortability, style, and protection and as mentioned before, this is our new life, it is important that we adjust to the new norm of living with coronavirus. So let us take this pandemic seriously as we continue our everyday lives as students this school year. Let us keep other people’s safety in mind as we walk through campus because by doing this, we are doing our part in stopping the spread of this virus. 


A little step can go a long way.