Q&A with Delta Sigma Theta Chapter President

Jessica Stubbs   Staff Writer

Homecoming week was filled with football, tailgating, parades, parties, and coincidentally, costumes since the last day of homecoming week landing on Halloween. October 25th through October 31st also marked the Mu Omicron Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Inc.’s Delta Week 2015: Ruby in the Rough.

Throughout the week the ladies held events like sisterhood game night, entrepreneurship workshops, and a feminine product collection to be donated to Interact Domestic Violence Center. At the end of the week, the ladies held their 40th Anniversary Gala, The Year of the Ruby. Chapter president Jasmia Shropshire sat down with the Nubian for a Q&A to highlight and celebrate their milestone anniversary.

N: For those who don’t know, can you explain the significance behind this year’s gala?
S: October 25, 1975 marked 40 years since the Mu Omicron Chapter was chartered on the campus of North Carolina State University. We were the first African American Sorority to be chartered on this campus, by 10 phenomenal women. In order to commemorate their legacy, we held Delta Week 2015: Ruby in the Rough, followed by our weekend long reunion celebration, Year of the Ruby.

N:Why the name “Ruby in the Rough”?
S:A 40th anniversary, is known to be a Ruby Year. Ruby is a stone of love, passion, power, and nobility. Valued more than diamonds, the energy of a ruby transfers an uplifting nature and courageous spirit. This reunion was a re-dedication to our commitment to Mu Omicron, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc, at large as we are rubies in our own right. The same zeal 40 years ago, is what motivates us today. We wanted to challenge MO to recognize the rubies within all of us, and encourage everyone to follow our passions in order to positively impact the people around us, our communities, and the world at large. It was a call to embody the characteristics of the Ruby in our daily acts, thoughts, and hearts just as our Charter Members did!

The weekend included: a game night, a formal welcome where Sorors were able to receive 40th anniversary bags, t-shirts, tumblers, and other giveaways.

N: Any special guests or big names stopping by?
S: We had a couple MO Delta celebrities that we all were overjoyed to meet. It was so surreal, and emotional, all at the same time! We had 5 Charter Members attend, and one of them gave a speech. But we were very grateful that they could even be a part of the weekend. They were proud of the place we are at now, and encouraged us to continue to work hard.

N: What are some upcoming events that DST has planned for the month of November?
S: Most immediately, we will have our postponed program “We Are Not in Kansas Anymore” coming soon so please look out for that flyer. Our Mr. Crimson and Cream Scholarship Pageant Informational is November 11th at 7:13, we would love if you could tell any interested males in need of a scholarship to stop by!

We will also be having an upcoming community service event. Finally, we will be having our annual MO Gift Wrapping Party the last week of December, where we wrap donated toys for the children at the Garner Road Community Center. You can keep up with all of our program and events via Instagram at @muomicrondst and twitter at MuOmicronDST.