Nia Doaks | Managing Editor


Again. Yet again we hear about a killing of an unarmed black man by a police officer- except this time, the entire incident was caught on video.

This  time, the officer who shot this man was charged with murder and is facing the death penalty.

In light of the recent events in Ferguson and New York, the shooting of Walter Scott is causing a buzz in communities across the nation.

For those who don’t know, on Saturday Walter Scott was stopped by a police officer in a traffic stop, attempted to flee from the officer, and was shot eight times in the back from many feet away.

Afterwards, the officer orders unconscious Scott to put his hands behind his back. In a later statement, the officer claims that Scott had his taser – which is not what is seen in this video.

Why is deadly forced used so often on people of color? Why aren’t these biases addressed before police officers step out onto the field of duty?

How many fathers, brothers, and sons have to be buried before this issue is taken seriously?

This particular incident hits very close to home – just one state away, in South Carolina. I am speechless at the continued violence and injustices that plague Black communities across the nation.

I hope that justice will be served, this time, in the case of Walter Scott. I am wondering what it will take for our society to appreciate the Black men that have been placed on this earth, rather than trying to take them from it. Something has got to give.

We need a change in our society. We need for things to be different, and for the continuous injustices like these to stop being excused and ignored. We can’t breathe.