New organization on campus, the African American Media Club hosted it’s first official entitled “Lifting Every Voice: Empowering Blacks in the Media.”  Local media professionals from around the Triangle area discussed their experiences and hardships as African Americans in the media. The panelists also shared tips and strategies with students interested in seeking careers in the Media in the future.

The panelist included Nikki Nicole and Wade Banner  (K97.5/Radio One), Stuart Todd (WRAL), Adrienne Johnson-Martin (News & Observer), and NCSU Student Kornelius Bascombe who is the host of Time Warner Cable’s “Born to Shine.”

Nikki Nicole stressed the importance of attaining an internship, while Wade Banner suggested that students interested in media-related careers increase their networking circles.

When it comes to the survival of media outlets targeted towards an African American audience, the panelist agreed that it’s important to figure out the interests of the targeted demographic and create a niche. Stuart Todd stated that a successful web presence is the key for success in an industry that is shifting to the digital world.

The African American Media Club was an organization which was founded by Charizma Thomas as a support group for African Americans interested in learning more about the media.