Seven candidates share why they are running for Student Government

Voting for the Student Government  Spring 2015 Election starts  at 8:00 p.m. Mon., Mar. 2, up to 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, Mar. 3.

All Eligible Candidates for the Election


Brayndon Stafford,
Student Senate Division of Academic and Student Affairs
“I am running because being a part of student government is a great step into making a positive difference in our community. A lot of times our community doesn’t take the initiative of being informed on what’s going on and I’m the first say I haven’t done the best so I want to start making that change. I believe having underrepresented groups in these positions such as student government and student senate will allow us to be informed about what’s going on a larger scale, create a more diverse mindset in student government thus combating things like misunderstandings of our community and micro-aggressions, and empowering our community to continue to be in these positions to foster change for the future.”

Bria Cofield, elementary education
Student Senate College of Education
“First and foremost, I am running because I believe that I have what it takes to represent and advocate for the needs of the students in the College of Education. We are a small College on the huge campus of NC State, but we are some of the most passionate, dedicated and determined individuals that I have ever met. I want to represent my peers in the College of Education and make sure that Student Government is doing everything possible to meet the needs of all students. Beyond just the needs of the students in the College of Education, I have other things I would like to accomplish as well if I were elected senator. I want to move beyond conversations of making campus an inclusive environment and make these conversations reality. I want these things to happen and be apart of our campus culture. In light of national and local tragedies, I want to make sure that everyone on this campus feels like they are apart of the family that is the Wolfpack.”

Jonique Lyles, textile technology
Student Senate College of Textiles
“I am pursing the role of Student Senator due to my piqued interest from my growing engagement and student leadership on campus. It is often times very noticeable that student power and voice is very limited on the ground level. Even often times, access to those who can make a difference is very slim, especially when it comes to underrepresented students. I would like to become apart of the Student Senate to advocate for students to better help and serve their needs and concerns in a formal more impactful stance in student government and higher university administration. I am open and willing to talk to those with concerns and I seek to create the best benefits for all in an easy and accessible way.”

Khari Cyrus, biological sciences
Student Body President
“I’m running for Student Body President because I believe that I can serve as the best student representative on the board of trustees. From my experiences with multiple backgrounds, including Greek life, Park Scholarship, AASAC organizations, and Student Government, I know what students across the university need and I’m committed to making sure the administration hears our concerns. Finally, I want to take all steps necessary to Unite the Pack and change the climate on campus.”

O’Licia Parker-Smith, communication
Student Senate College of Humanities & Social Sciences, sophomore
“I am running for this position to continue my career as a Senator in Student Government. I love being a voice of representation for diverse communities across campus.”

Morgan Davis, biological sciences
Student Senate College of Sciences
“I’m running for this position because there are many problems within the college of science department that need improvement. It’s already hard to pursue a major in the sciences, but it’s especially hard when you don’t have many students in your classes you can relate to. I feel like I could be a strong voice for underrepresented groups on campus that face these daily challenges.”

Renee Jones, psychology
College of Humanities &
Social Sciences, senior
“I am running for a spot in the student senate to serve as a voice for my college, (CHASS) and also to communicate the issues, concerns, and ideas of the people within it. I would also like to develop, discuss, and consider ways that the Student Government can better address the needs of the student body as a whole. While embracing the principle of diversity, I plan to use my voice as a means to hopefully improve the many areas of interest on campus.”