Good afternoon Editor-in-chief Chris Hart-Williams,

My name is Alexis Perry.  I am a current rising junior and (African-American) member of the NC State women’s track and field team. I greatly appreciate all that the Nubian Message does for the African-American community but I especially value the voice it provides for the African-American population at NC State. It unifies us as a whole which is essential for us African-American students at a predominantly White institution. I enjoy reading the Nubian Message and value the information it provides me, but I have found that there is a slight gap in the coverage of *our* African-American athletes throughout the year. I have felt that the Nubian Message at times tends to focus more so on other schools athletic matters than our own here at NC State. Our African-American athletes have made great strides during the 2013-2014 school year and this summer.

Women’s basketball players Markeisha Gatling and Kody Burke were drafted to the WNBA. Wrestler Thomas Gantt was an NCAA National Championship qualifier. Track and field athletes Jonathan Addison and Sequoia Watkins competed at the 2014 NCAA Track and Field National Championship,  while Tremanisha Taylor competed at the USA Track and Field Outdoor Championship. Women’s soccer players Alexa Allen and Gladys Loyas competed in the 2014 Caribbean Football Union’s Women’s Caribbean Cup and basketball player TJ Warren was drafted first round to the NBA. These are just a few examples of our great number of achievements.

I believe the gap between African-American athletes and the entire African-American population as a whole could be reduced with a few measures such as coverage of sporting events highlighting the African-American athletes, post-sporting event interviews or even small features in the Nubian Message. I understand that there will always be bigger and better matters than athletics but these are simply observations I have made during my time at NC State and felt that I could try to offer input on the subject matter.

I greatly appreciate your time and consideration and hope you have a great day.