To All My Nubian Brothers and Sisters,

It is nearly impossible to have ties to the Afrikan American Cultural Center at N.C.State and not have memorized the African proverb, “Until the Lion has his own historian, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” For the past 21 years, the Nubian Message has been the standalone voice for lions on our campus. Though the job has not been an easy one, I am honored that bestowed upon me for the past two years was the responsibility of telling the Lion’s Tale as editor-in-chief of the Nubian Message.

Stepping into the position, one of my greatest concerns was making sure that in my absence, the paper would still be sustainable. Until recently, my idea of sustainability meant an abundance of reporters and photographers on staff, all of whom had an immense interest in journalism. Though that would be nice, I think more important still is a staff that understands the importance of the Lion’s Tale. A staff that understands why the Nubian Message is needed on campus, is willing to work to keep it alive and is committed to making sure that the voices of lions are not muffled or silenced. While the importance of this will be lost on some, I know without a doubt that on my current staff, there are a select few who not only understand, but are ready to carry forward the original intent of the paper, one such person being my successor, Chris Hart-Williams.

To watch as the Nubian Message has blossomed into the publication that it is now, and even better, to see people like Chris, not only appreciate my love for the Nubian Message, but develop a love for it too, has been an amazing experience. Though some nights it  seemed like production of the paper would never end,  I can’t think of a better way that I could have spent my time.

Thanks to the Nubian Message I have forged many relationships and learned some important  lessons. I’ve learned that when the going gets tough, you’ve got to buckle down and see things through. I’ve learned to acquire a taste for coffee ( its a great substitute for sleep) and regrettably, I’ve also learned  that not everyone you start with will be there to celebrate victory with you at the finish.

At my weakest points, I have been inspired by the story of Tony Williamson, the founding editor of the Nubian Message. Throughout this journey, it has been my personal mission to keep his legacy alive through my work at the Nubian and moving forward, I will forever carry a little piece of the the Tony Spirit with me.

Though more times than not this role has proven to be a challenge, my love for the Nubian Message, its history and what it stands for  has always kept me motivated. To the Nubian Message, I have literally given my blood, sweat and tears, but even still, to me, it has given double in return. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and hope that I have somehow impacted not only it, but the lions of this campus, for the better.


Kierra Leggett

Editor-in- Chief