An Overview of the AASAC Black History Month Instagram Photo Challenge

Staff Report

AASAC BHM Photo Challenge

Last week, the Afrikan American Student Advisory Council (AASAC) began its Instagram Photo Challenge in honor of Black History Month. Each AASAC organization has the chance to win a $100 gift card provided by the Office for Institutional Equity & Diversity (OIED) by taking a picture at the required location each day. Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the challenge. Good luck! 


FAQS About the Challenge: 

Do I have to be in the picture? 

Yes. This is to ensure only original photos are posted. 

How many AASAC Organizations can I hashtag in a post? 

You can only hashtag one AASAC Org. per post each day.

Will I be notified if I post an incorrect picture? 

Yes, you will be notified on your post if it does not count, along with an explanation. You can try again, by 11:59 pm!

If I’m not a member of an AASAC Organization, can I still participate? 

Yes! Everyone is encouraged to participate. If you’re not a member of an AASAC Org., you can choose to hashtag an Org. you’d like to receive points, or not hashtag one at all. 

Why should I participate? 

This challenge is meant to provide an interactive and fun way to EDUCATE students about African and African-American History at N.C. State! The intrinsic reward of learning about the legacy of our people is greater than any monetary prize.