To All My Nubian Brothers and Sisters: Wake Up!

The acceptance rate of African American students at N.C. State has reached an all time low. Wake Up!

Of the 30 active organizations in the Afrikan American Student Advisory Council (AASAC), only four non-NPHC organizations have Black male leaders. Wake Up!

On the largest public campus in North Carolina, only one building is named after a person of color. Wake Up!

North Carolina has set in place some of the most restrictive and suppressive voter ID laws of any state in the United States. Wake Up!

The Black employment rate is consistently twice that of white Americans. Wake Up!

Chicago reported 20 murders in the month of January, 18 of which were shootings of 19-year-old Black men. Wake Up!

77 percent of Nigerian women have admitted to using carcinogenic skin bleaching creams. Wake Up!

The Stand Your Ground defense is being employed to justify another Black teen’s murder in Florida. Wake Up!

The video of Sharkeisha has reached more than two million views. Wake Up!

Black males in Raleigh have a 39 percent suspension rate, 22 percent higher than the national rate. Wake Up! 

Travyon Martin would have turned 19-years-old today. Wake Up! 

With so many things going on in the Black community, this is no time to sleep.

In celebration of Black History Month 2014, the Nubian Message staff has a mission to spend the entire month waking up as many people on N.C. State’s campus as we can. We were inspired to #WakeUpNCSU after reflecting on all the stories we have reported on this school year, seen in the news, and experiences we have lived that shouldn’t, nor do they have to be, the norm. We will keep the #WakeUpNCSU movement alive by releasing a video each week.  Stay tuned throughout each Wednesday in February for installments of this video series.