By Kareem Williams, Staff Writer

Black men love black women, but, sometimes you just don’t act right. Women of all races have their shortcomings, but for unknown reasons, Black women tend to frustrate us the most. Don’t get me wrong, I love Black women; they can be the most loving people, but they tend to upset us in a way in which only they can.

Black women are powerful women, especially, in Black-American society. We see prominent figures such as Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Maya Angelou. We as Black men love and respect a powerful woman, however we do not like a controlling woman. One thing that will upset any man,  especially a Black man, is a controlling woman. For some reason, some women think it is perfectly acceptable to attempt to run a man’s life, however that’s not acceptable at all. In fact, it’s annoying.

We as black men like a woman with confidence, in fact we love women with confidence, however there is a line ,where women often cross when they think its cool to be egotistical/cocky. A major turn off is a woman with an insurmountable ego.  That’s not okay. No offense to anyone in particular, but if you’re “basic” then you should live your life accordingly. Don’t parade yourself as better looking than Beyoncé, because you’re not, and you’re only embarrassing yourself. Instead embrace your beauty and live with confidence, not arrogance.

However one the best things that Black women can be proud of is their “swag”. There’s nothing better than when a woman looks good and dresses well. Men appreciate women who take care of themselves and dress well on a consistent basis. But we don’t appreciate “fakeness”. If looking good to a girl means wearing synthetic or someone else’s hair, then it only shows her insecurity, and that’s not a good look. We love a woman who is “real” with us, and that includes physically as well.

One thing that Black women seem to do effortlessly is their ability and nonchalant attitude towards playing games. “Black girls love to play games; card games, monopoly, but they’re the best at mind games,”anonymous source. If you want someone the least you could do is give that person a hint. Don’t be unreadable. Don’t reel them in only to lose interest and move onto the next person. However when Black women actually get to know us and learn more about us we vibe the best. More than any other race, Black girls share the best connections with Black men. As a friend said, “One of the best things about Black girls is that they are most definitely “ride or die”. If you treat her well she’ll treat you better.”

Again this piece isn’t meant to bash Black women but rather shed light on some frustrations that Black men have about Black women. Black men love our women but sometimes ya’ll can be trifling.