Vernon Holman | Staff Writer

While chilling in the cut, I noticed that social media has been pretty active as the new school year is beginning. Clubs announcing the dates of their  introductory meetings, freshmen connecting with one another, and information on parties to check out during the weekend. While going through my Twitter timeline I also noticed a unique hashtag from the NCSU Black Alumni Society Twitter account.

BAS typically tweets about programs that take place on campus and information for undergraduate and graduate students.  However on this particular day, they were tweeting with the hashtag #NCSUBrickYardBeLike.

Some of the tweets I saw were: “#NCSUBrickyardBeLike… “Oh, you think you cute today, huh?””, or “#NCSUBrickyardBeLike … a cool point collector,” and “#NCSUBrickyardBeLike…”Waaaaaait for it…Waaaaaait for it!”

Watch out for the Brickyard Monster! Illustration by Travis Gatling.

Others on campus noticed it as well and were curious as to the  message BAS was trying convey. Were they making fun of the current students? Were they hoping for this to become a tren

ding topic amongst the students? Was it going to be recourring?

I decided to investigate.

I managed to get in contact with one of the members of  BAS, Anthony Norman, an NCSU alumn who graduated in 2000, with a B.S. in Accounting and Business Management. I asked him where the idea for this hashtag came from and what the goal of it w

as.  Norman explained that the hashtag NCSUBrickyardBeLike was created in search of a “tie that binds.”

According to Anthony, “The NCSU Brickyard is a major staple of the university, and students past and present in most cases can recall traversing the brickyard on their way either to a class, the Atrium, or D.H. Hill Library.”

Norman also noted that many people have had similar experiences on the Brickyard. Those experiences range from “being a part of the impromptu congregation for a sermon given by a Brickyard preacher, to a visitation from the ‘Brick Monster’.” After explaining that the “Brickyard Monster” is the “countless stumbles, embarrassing trips, scuffs and broken heels” thathappen on

the Brickyard, Anthony explained that he thought this hashtag would be a way to connect the current students with the alumni.

Norman also informed me that their [BAS’] current Twitter push is to inform students and alumni of #Homecoming2013 events, hoping that it will “become a major hashtag in the upcoming weeks.”  More information about homecoming events sponsored by BAS can be found by searching “Groups” and “Black Alumni” on at

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