To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing you as a concerned student body member. I recently picked up a copy of your newspaper, this issue to be specific, and was troubled by your message. I found the title “Welcome, Black Pack” to be offensive and quite frankly ignorant. As an African-American student at this school, I personally try not to focus on the differences that separate me from the student body but the few things that I have in common with my fellow students. To see a newspaper separate students in such a blatant and regressive way was troublesome.

I am not writing you to debate the validity of your paper, or to discuss the presence of diversity at NC State. I simply wanted to reach out to you and let you know that as an African American¬† student, I do not approve. I don’t feel more connected to the student body, I don’t feel more comfortable, if anything, I feel targeted and belittled.

It is my wish that you use your influence and your position within the “black community” to express the realities of our situation. We as minorities, in a professional setting, can not choose our environment, however, we as Americans are subject to the same standards and culture as our white counter parts – legally.

Please be more cognizant of how you try to connect with your readers because at this point, all you’ve done is show new comers and those on the outside, that you want to be separate.

I hope I did not offend your journalism or your efforts in any way, shape, or form. I respect your message and purpose.



Jefferson Ellison

A member of the Wolf Pack – not your “Black Pack”