America first fell in love with Justin Timberlake as the curly-haired kid from N’SYNC with unfathomable amounts of rhythm. Now, after a seven-year hiatus, he’s finally released some new music, making a statement with The 20/20 Experience.

Timberlake took a break from music in order to focus on his budding acting career. His earlier albums Justified and Futuresex/Lovesounds dealt more with the R&B and pop sound whereas The 20/20 Experience goes into a more grown-up sound that blends old school jazz as well as a new school sound, perhaps due to now being a married man.

Teaming up once again with producer and long-time friend Timbaland, 20/20 grips listeners right from the first track, “Pusher Love Girl”.  The track has a simple but effective and unique beat that draws you in to listen to the whole album. The whole album is exceptional based off the flow of it alone; although the songs have the same theme, you almost forget that that the tracks are separated and you’re listening to a ten-track album.

Some fans may consider the short track list to be an upset, however but each song is roughly seven minutes of listening pleasure. It seems as though JT took something from his fans’ enjoyment from the hit “Lovestoned,” and followed it with the same concept; each track begins with a beat followed by a breakdown of the same particular beat.

Justin Timberlake’s admirable vocals and Timbaland’s consistently immaculate producing make this album a must listen.